Who We Are

Sigma Phi Epsilon is a fraternal organization at UW that delivers the ultimate college experience. With over 100 members, we take part in everything from paintballing and marathons, to financial workshops and cooking lessons. All the while we pride ourselves in maintaining at least a 3.35 yearlong average GPA. SigEp is a place where men can expect excellence. In March 2013 our chapter was recognized with 8 Greek Awards including Chapter of the Year.

So seek more than just a degree in your time here at UW, seek a balance, seek a brotherhood, and seek the ultimate college experience with Sigma Phi Epsilon.


The Balanced Man Program

What is a “Balanced Man”

In 1991, SigEp sent a shortwave through the fraternity world by passing Resolution 37. The resolution, passed by SigEp’s undergraduates and fraternity officials, called for a member development program that would “transform the pledging process…to emphasize achievement in the chapter, campus, and community.” Focused on continual, holistic member development that promotes balanced living and combats destructive behavior, the Balanced Man Program is more than just a program – it’s the center of the SigEp experience.

The program is founded upon five philosophical tenents:

  • Equal rights and responsibilities – Full membership upon joining

  • Continuous Development – Growing throughout life

  • Accountability – Committing to SigEp’s high standards

  • Living the Ritual – Incorporating SigEp’s values into everyday life

  • Mentoring – Maximizing growth through guidance and support

…and takes the form of four self-paced challenges that span throughout the college career.

  • Sigma – Adjusting and acclimating to the chapter, campus, and community.

  • Phi – Growing and developing as a balanced man.

  • Epsilon – Leading and serving as a balanced man.

  • Brother Mentor – Preparing yourself and the chapter for the future

…focusing on six areas of development.


Knowledge and understanding of the Fraternity.

Sound Mind

Intellectual and academic growth and performance.

Sound Body

Physical health and wellness.


Emotional and cultural growth.


Growth and experience as a leader.


Preparation for career success.

Balanced Man Scholarship

The Balanced Man Scholarship is an award designed for six young, balanced men who will attend the University of Washington. Each year, Sigma Phi Epsilon awards $5,000 across six incoming freshmen who exemplify our philosophy of the Balanced Man: excellence in academics, athletics, and extracurricular activities. The scholarship is available to all incoming male students, not solely to those planning on joining a fraternity. The application is below, and easy to complete. Just tell us a bit about yourself, what you’ve done, and why you think you exemplify our principles of a Balanced Man. We have a rolling admission process, so the earlier we receive your application, the easier it is to schedule time to meet with you. Upon receiving and processing your application, we will review your responses and then notify you of your status. We will invite the finalists and their families to our annual banquet where we will award the scholarship recipients. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our Scholarship Chairman, Liam Naughton at BMS.scholarship.UW@gmail.com or (424)-298-0795. Thank you, and good luck!

Apply to the Balanced Man Scholarship!

The BMS is due soon!


Sigma Phi Epsilon at the University of Washington is home the newly renewed philanthropy, SPE Karts, where we raise money for our charity, the Progressive Animal Welfare Society (PAWS). PAWS is the leading voice for animals in Washington State and a recognized leader in the nation for its progressive outreach and education programs, legislative work, and premier wildlife rehabilitation and companion animal services. Through many collaborative relationships with organizations and individuals, PAWS is making a better world for animals.

SPE Karts

SPE karts is Sigma Phi Epsilon’s annual philanthropy week occurring Spring quarter. Sororities participate in various events throughout the week such as a Mario Kart Tournament, skits, and a best kart design contest that is voted upon by UW students. The last and final event is a kart race through the University of Washington campus.

Car Show

The Red Square Car Show has been an annual event put on by Sigma Phi Epsilon for the past seven years. This event is sponsored by Catsexotics, which specializes in exotic vehicle sales, and is hosted at the University of Washington-Seattle. On the day of the show Red Square is filled with exotic cars ranging from Lamborghini to Formula motorsports cars. This event is open to the public. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should new members be treated equally?
As previously mentioned, our Founders were all equal when they were new members. Members need to prove their worthiness through the recruitment process. This is the way it works in most organizations and jobs. When applying for a new job, you submit a resume, attend an interview and prove your worthiness. Furthermore, if you hold your new members to different standards than your older members you are sending this message: “you only have to do these things for this period of time and then you are free.” You will see the consequences of that message when older members are not contributing to the chapter.


The Balanced Man Program gives brothers their membership. Isn’t pledging more challenging? 
When the Balanced Man Program is run right, it is a more challenging experience than pledging. While brothers have the right to membership the day they join, it comes with many responsibilities. Brothers must be engaged their entire time in the chapter, not just the first semester. If brothers do not meet their expectations in each challenge, their membership is lapsed. Furthermore, the Balanced Man Program challenges brothers to provide the best experience on campus, regardless of what the rest of the campus is doing. This takes the self-confidence to not care what other fraternities are saying about you. Finally, the Balanced Man Program requires chapters to be organized and dedicated to living SigEp’s values. Whether you are on the development committee, the standards board or are a challenge participant, the lessons you learn can be applied to your career after college.


Why provide continuous development past the first semester? 
What if the football coach only coached his players for the first semester they were on the team? After a semester of workouts, practices, film sessions and team meetings, he said, “ok, you’re done: all you have to do is show up for games for the next seven semesters.” Would you consider him a good coach? Of course not. Good coaches help players grow from the time of their first practice to the last play of their final game. To be a great chapter, we must take the same approach. The lessons our members learn the first day of freshmen year are just as important as the lessons they learn before graduation.


No one else on campus operates like this. Why should we? 
If your campus had 18 McDonalds within two square miles, would you open another McDonalds? No, you are better off building a Subway to make yourself more attractive. Offering something different than your peers allows you to attract the best students, leaders and athletes. Furthermore, Sigma Phi Epsilon is successful because SigEp is different. The five tenets outlined above will run counter to the prevailing attitudes among other fraternities on campus. Chapters and their members must have the confidence to be different than their peers.